March 14, 2012

Realizing Robertson's Future

Margot Fosnes
(615) 384-3800 ;

“It’s Time to Make Our Future”
A Four-Year, $1,275,000
Economic, Business & Workforce Development Plan for Robertson County
Robertson County Leaders Announce Realizing Robertson’s Future, an Economic, Business and Workforce and Development Initiative
On Thursday, March 8, a group of distinguished Robertson County business and community leaders unveiled an aggressive, four-year $1,275,000 economic, business and workforce development plan for Robertson County. Declaring it was time to “make our future,” the leaders announced the commencement of Realizing Robertson’s Future, an initiative focusing on corporate marketing and recruitment, education and workforce training, existing business and industry support, and public-private cooperation on transportation and infrastructure issues.
Realizing Robertson’s Future, funded primarily by private sector sources and implemented through the Robertson County Chamber of Commerce, was launched at an early evening press event held at the new Highland Crest College Campus in Springfield.
Realizing Robertson’s Future will ensure that Robertson County will:
• Aggressively compete for top-quality business and industry relocation prospects, targeting specific industries to bring higher paying jobs to Robertson County

• Proactively work with our existing businesses, providing essential services to encourage the retention and expansion of businesses operating in Robertson County

• Facilitate a multi-faceted partnership between the business community and Robertson County schools, implementing action items that benefit our students, our businesses and our community

• Build communication and cooperation between public and private sector entities throughout the county to prioritize critical infrastructure and transportation needs impacting the local economy

Realizing Robertson’s Future was developed through a community visioning and planning process conducted by ByrneAllen Corporation. Nearly 200 public and private sector leaders participated in the process, after which Robertson County business leaders constructed the detailed economic development plan modeled after similar programs in Tennessee communities such as Clarksville / Montgomery County (Aspire Clarksville), Jackson / Madison County (All Aboard Jackson), Murfreesboro / Rutherford County (Destination
Rutherford), and Cleveland / Bradley County (Climbing to New Heights). The goals and objectives of Realizing Robertson’s Future include:
• Creation of over 600 new direct, indirect and induced jobs in Robertson County

• Conducting of annual familiarization tours (FAM Tours) for key site selectors that represent corporate relocation prospects

• Actively marketing the proposed 1,200-acre I-24 Red River Preserve business park to major corporate relocation and expansion prospects

• Expanding the Robertson Education Initiative (REdI) to develop deeper ties and a more productive partnership between Robertson schools and area businesses

• Providing enhanced products and services to help local businesses expand and prosper in Robertson County

“With one of the highest out-commute rates in Middle Tennessee, we have a resident workforce ready for high-paying jobs – we just need to proactively market our community and our advantages to companies whose operations will complement our community. With a fully-funded Realizing Robertson’s Future initiative, we will be on track to become one of the premier economic development players in Middle Tennessee,” said Scott Raynes, President & CEO of NorthCrest Medical Center and Chair of the Realizing Robertson’s Future fundraising campaign.
The Realizing Robertson’s Future plan will generate over 620 direct, indirect and induced jobs, and over $26 million in local payroll. Over a four year period, Realizing Robertson’s Future will produce over $38 million in retail sales, bank deposits, medical spending, housing expenditures and utility payments. “Realizing Robertson’s Future represents a significant acceleration of our corporate recruitment and existing industry support capabilities. Our business leaders are stepping forward to lead, using proven methods that have, and are, posting impressive results for similar-size communities throughout Tennessee,” said Robertson County Chamber of Commerce President and Chief Economic Development Officer Margot Fosnes
Over the next few months, the Realizing Robertson’s Future Campaign Leadership Team, comprised of 15 investor organizations (see Realizing Robertson’s Future campaign materials), will be asking organizations in or doing business in Robertson County to invest in the future of the local economy through a tax-deductible financial commitment to the Realizing Robertson’s Future initiative.
To date, $661,000 has been pledged toward the $1,275,000 funding goal. All organizations wishing information on Realizing Robertson’s Future are urged to contact Bill Allen at (615) 384-3800 or